About the HIFA World Cup & Rules

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About the HIFA World Cup & Rules

Post by HIFA-Staff on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:29 pm

The HIFA World Cup , Hosted by Habbo.no , 24 teams , 8 groups.
This World Cup will be the best of all Habbo Football events.
Habbo Staff is involved in this World cup, bigger rooms , more amount of people in the stadiums.
Winners will receive badges in their HOME hotel including a trophy.
Games will be scheduled on the times that's best for both teams playing (Depending on your time zones).
HIFA staff will be working around the clock to make sure all games and after parties are under control.
Their is going to be 2 referees at every game with 1 moderator.
The referees will not ref there home hotels.
All games will be filmed by the HIFA camera crew.
All players must be from or live in the country they are playing for , if you are caught playing for a country you do not live in or are from, you will be banned from all International events.
See you in Habbo.no for the HIFA World Cup.
Good Luck Smile
-HIFA staff


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